The Story of Criss Cross

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Criss Cross began recording and writing his own music at the age of 19. Before ever stepping into a booth, the emcee had stacks of rhythmic poem’s and stories written containing observations and autobiographical information touching on both childhood and current events. He has since recorded a number of songs which have yet to be released, and will independently be released through his website and various social media outlets. His material covers everything from his surroundings to different interpretations on an array of topics ranging from; loyalty, trust, friendships/relationships, and everyday life. Much like his favorite artists, Criss Cross has a passion for storytelling and using imagery to help paint a picture in the listeners mind.

In an era saturated with mainstream appeal and false images, Criss Cross aims to bring hip hop back to its natural roots. More than just tackling the hip hop community, he also aims to reach society on a large scale to restore and improve those vary traits which are lacking in our communities. More than just music, this showcase is a movement aimed directly at the root of the cause. His perspective on the respective matters offers a new way of thinking, which opens the door for CHANGE and a better understanding of the OTHER side; both sides, three sides, ALL sides. “WE must educate ourselves and learn from our mistakes if we hope to see a better tomorrow. We must also do so before it’s too late.” His message echoes UNITY, as well as sharing dark and troublesome experiences to help others get through the same obstacles. “Everybody has a story, but before I ask about yours, I would like to tell you mine.”

Criss Cross Records
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